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Making the most out of your veggies

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

veggies are highly rich in nutrients ,such as dietary fiber and antioxidants,which boost your health and help to fight off disease.Including vegetables in your diet is extremely important for our health.

Adding veggies in your daily diet,they are beneficial for your weight control due to their low calorie content.

Research shows that people, who eat or add the most vegetables in their daily diets have the lowest risk of many diseases ,including cancer and heart disease.

In this article I believe that, these ways would help you to improve your intake of more veggies in your daily diet.

The ways to eat more veggies

Here are 10 steps to eat more veggies

1. Try veg soup - like: carrot soup,mix veg soup,mushroom spinach soup, tomato and beet root soup.

2. Add vegetables as a raita -like:cucumber raita,onion and cucumber raita, mix veg raita ,bottle gourd raita spinach raita etc..

3. Add as a salad - mix veg salad,cucumber salad.

4. Try veg smoothies- veg smoothies are another good option to add veggies in your diet.

5. Be experimental with your foods-like: add more vegetables in beshan chila,veg biryani, and add more veggies in daliya.

6. Try vegetable as a snacks- a good option to increase your veggies intake like:veg kebab.

7. Try as a pickle - everyone like to eat pickle ,the name pickle, when you think about it , make your mouth watery. This is the another good option to add more veggies in your daily diet.Make mix vegetable pickle to enhance your veggies intake.

8. Add as a juice-Start your morning with vegetable juice, vegetables juice rich in nutrients and antioxidant ,it make u feel energetic and refresh.It keeps your body hydrated.

9. Turn veggies in to chips -you can add veggies as a chips to improve your veggies intake like: crispy baked veggies chips (banana chips,cucumber chips).

10.connect with your health- when you begin thinking about your health and body ,then you will automatically start eating veggies and when you know the role of veggies and their impact on your health .

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