During this Pandemic (COVID - 19) period

During this Pandemic (COVID - 19) period and even otherwise - we should try to become fit and healthy naturally! Eating the right foods is critical and is one to achieving sustainable fitness and keeping our immunity high.

Foods We Should Be Eating Include:

Natural foods which our ancestors ate - Simple Indian homemade food! For example: Roti, rice (unpolished and handpounded), idle, dose, Vada, sambar, dal, chhana's / rajma, all fruits, all vegetables - this includes both starchy vegetables like aloo / potatoes and green leafy vegetables, milk, curd, paneer (homemade - don't buy at the market), eggs, traditional and simple non veg dishes - chicken curry, mutton curry, prawns curry, fish fry etc Salads such as cucumber / onion should be eaten as an accompaniment and not as the main dish! Food cooked in traditional Indian manner with traditional cookware (use clay, cast iron, tandoor etc) Foods We Should Completely Avoid!:

No packaged or processed foods - no matter how healthy they claim to be -- for example cornflakes, digestive biscuits, rusk, Namkeen, desserts, chocolates, ice-creams, cookies, cakes, pasta, pizzas No fancy foods or ingredients - For example: green tea, black coffee, avocadoes No supplements or vitamin pills: whey protein, creatine, Baca etc No medicines No restaurant, hotel or marriage food Non stick pans, microwave oven and OTG / normal western style ovens for cooking

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