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SM Diets - Dietitian near me for weight loss

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Dietitian Shikha Mishra - Best Dietitian in India

Dietitian Shikha Mishra

Discover the expertise of Dt. Shikha Mishra, is a renowned dietitian and nutrition counsellor, with a strong focus on Health.


As an eminent figure in the field, Dt. Shikha Mishra stands out as one of India's leading personal dietitians and nutrition counsellors. Her exceptional online services have earned her the well-deserved title of the Best Online Dietitian in Uttarakhand. With over 8 years of experience in the realm of Dietetics and Nutrition, she holds a prestigious M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition along with a B.Sc. in Home Science. Dt. Shikha Mishra has contributed her expertise to esteemed healthcare institutions including VLCC Health Care, Anjali Mukerjee Health Total, and Brij Lal Hospital. Throughout her career, she has successfully provided guidance to over 1500 clients, helping them achieve their health goals.


Currently, Dt. Shikha Mishra employs online and telephonic platforms to cater to her client's health concerns. Her extensive reach extends across Uttarakhand, where she has gained recognition as the Best Online Nutritionist. Serving various regions such as Rudrapur, Kashipur, Haldwani, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Nainital, Ranikhet, Almora, and more, she has become a household name in both Kumaon and Garhwal regions. Dt. Shikha Mishra's online diet tips are sought after by individuals seeking personalized nutrition guidance throughout Uttarakhand.


Whether you reside in the scenic valleys of Uttarakhand or any other part of the region, Dt. Shikha Mishra, with her extensive knowledge and experience, is dedicated to providing you with the best online dietetic solutions. Take the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of this top-notch dietitian and achieve your health goals effectively. Learn more about Dt. Shikha Mishra, the Best Online Nutritionist in Uttarakhand, and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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SM Diets - Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Females believe in natural food more than medicines. And SM Diets - Quick Weight Loss believes that if you take natural food, health will remain and your body from any disease.


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SM Diets - Best Online Dietitian in India is a great place for learning how to eat well and take control of your health.

SM Diets - Best Online Nutritionist in India are provide Telephonic and Online Diet Counselling Programs in India in order to contact and achieve people who need better guidance on the way to a healthy and fit lifestyle ...

Dt. Shikha Mishra offers a comprehensive range of Health Coach Services aimed at promoting overall well-being. With a strong focus on search engine optimization, here are the key points to consider:


1. Healthy Diet Plan: Dt. Shikha Mishra specializes in designing personalized, wholesome diet plans that cater to individual needs. These plans are crafted to optimize nutrition and support a healthy lifestyle.

2. Healthy Diet Plan for Kids: Recognizing the importance of nutrition for children, Dt. Shikha Mishra creates customized diet plans specifically tailored for kids. These plans ensure proper growth, development, and overall health for young ones.

3. Healthy Diet Plan for Diabetic Patients: Dt. Shikha Mishra is well-versed in addressing the dietary requirements of individuals with diabetes. Her expertise lies in formulating specialized diet plans that help manage blood sugar levels effectively.

4. The Detox Diet: Dt. Shikha Mishra offers guidance on the Detox Diet, a program aimed at eliminating toxins from the body. Her approach focuses on natural and sustainable methods to support the body's detoxification processes.

5. Nutrition Strategies: Dt. Shikha Mishra employs a wide array of nutrition strategies to optimize health. She utilizes evidence-based approaches, incorporating the latest research and developments in the field.

6. Unique Approach: Dt. Shikha Mishra takes a personalized and holistic approach to health coaching. She considers various factors such as lifestyle, medical history, and individual preferences to create tailored plans that suit each client's specific needs.

7. Get to the Root of Your Health Issues: Dt. Shikha Mishra emphasizes the importance of identifying and addressing the underlying causes of health issues. By focusing on the root cause, she helps clients achieve long-lasting results and improved overall well-being.

8. No Crash Diet: Dt. Shikha Mishra advocates against crash diets or extreme approaches. Instead, she promotes sustainable lifestyle changes and healthy eating habits that can be maintained in the long run.

9. Constant Motivation and Support: Dt. Shikha Mishra provides ongoing motivation and support to her clients. She believes that continuous guidance and encouragement are vital for achieving and sustaining positive health outcomes.


By incorporating these points into your content, you can effectively communicate the range of Health Coach Services offered by Dt. Shikha Mishra while ensuring optimal search engine visibility.

healthy diet provides by sm diets - top diet clinic uttarakhand

Healthy Weight Loss Diet

At SM Diets, we are committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. We provide personalized diet plans that are tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Our team of nutritionists and dieticians will work with you to create the perfect diet plan to help you reach your goals. With our innovative programs and diets, you can be sure to be on the right track to achieving your weight loss goals.

Healthy Weight Gain Diet

At SM Diets, we understand that gaining weight is just as important as losing weight. We are here to provide you with the right guidance and diet plans to help you reach your health goals. Our team of experienced dietitians will create a custom plan to help you gain weight in a healthy manner. With our help, you can learn how to make smart food choices and create a healthy lifestyle. We also provide nutrition counselling to help you stay motivated and reach your desired weight.

General Wellness

SM Diets is the perfect solution for your general wellness lifestyle needs. Our experienced team of nutritionists offers customized meal plans, dieting advice, and lifestyle guidance to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Whether you are looking to switch to healthy eating and maintain your weight, or have issues related to acidity, constipation, or digestion, our team is here to help you find the best treatments and dietary plans to support a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetic Care

SM Diets is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a personalized diet and health plan specifically tailored to their diabetes. Our program involves a customized meal plan and comprehensive health plan that is designed for individuals with diabetes to help manage their blood sugar levels and maintain their healthy weight. Our experienced team of dietitians and nutritionists will work with you to provide the best nutrition advice, lifestyle recommendations and practical tips to make sure you reach your health goals.

We Offers

Diet for Kids

Introducing SM Diets - the perfect diet plan for your kid! SM Diets provides expert diet plans tailored to the age, lifestyle, and activity needs of the child and focuses on healthy and nutrient-rich food items to ensure balanced nutrition for your little one.


SM Diets is the best online dietitian in India that can help you manage all your PCOD, PMS, and menopause conditions. Their specialized PCOD/PCOS and PMS diet plans are designed to help you nourish your body with the right foods to maintain balanced hormones and balanced health. Get SM Diets now and see how a balanced diet can help you live a healthier life.

Hypertension/Cardiac Care

SM Diets is a premier provider of hypertension and cardiac care services, offering comprehensive guidance and support for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our team of knowledgeable experts provide detailed diagnosis and monitoring plans to ensure that blood pressure is kept under control. With a personalized approach and comprehensive diet and exercise plans, we are committed to helping you improve your health and achieve your goals.

Weight Management

SM Diets is the perfect service for anyone looking to take their health and fitness to the next level. We offer customized diets, exercise plans, and professional advice - all designed to help you reach your personal goals, whether it's to gain muscle, increase stamina, lose weight, or just feel better about your body.

Diets for all Medical Conditions

SM Diets offer a comprehensive diet program to make life easier for everyone, regardless of a medical condition. Our experts have designed nutritious, balanced meal plans designed to target specific health issues, such as chronic constipation, gout, osteoporosis, arthritis, stomach ailments, kidney problems, liver diseases, and food allergies. Reviving lost health due to any disease condition is our top priority, helping you to achieve the best version of you.

Constant Follow-Ups

SM Diets provides the perfect combination of service and expertise to help you reach your diet goals. With constant follow-ups and food diary reviews by highly trained and experienced nutritionists, you'll get regular weight, meal, and goal tracking tailored to your specific dietary needs.

Pregnancy Care

SM Diets provides a comprehensive nutritional care plan tailored to the needs of pregnant women, focusing on healthy eating habits and dietary practices to supplement the daily needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Our professional and experienced dietitians are ready to help you make the best and healthiest choices for the well-being of you and your baby.

Diet Complemented with Lifestyle Plans

SM Diets is an innovative diet and lifestyle plan that helps you get to your ideal weight. Our program provides you with a personalized nutrition plan and optional exercise tips, like using the stairs instead of the elevator, to help you burn those extra fats. Take advantage of our services and start living a healthier life with SM Diets

10+ years of


Unlock Your Health Goals with SM Diets - Comprehensive Services for Weight Gain, Gym, Fat Loss, and Dietetic Food

10+ years of


Lose Weight Quickly & Effectively with SM Diets - Your Go-to Nutritionist for 7 Day Diet Plans

Why Dt. Shikha Mishra Best Online Dietitian in India 

A healthy body is indeed a work of art,  and we want you to experience it. At SM Diets - Best Online Nutritionist in India, we help you choose a healthy lifestyle so you can live your life the way you wish. We design and follow a diet to meet your health goals with the blended knowledge of our Top Dietician in Uttarakhand. Also say goodbye to dietician visits, appointments and bulky diaries. We provide you a detailed diet plan with calorie breakdowns and reminders to get started. After all, a healthy mind in a healthy body is every individual's right. SM Diets - Best Online Nutritionist in India being renowned online dietician India enables you to be the best version of yourself. We have customized our features that guide you every step of the way in your fitness and health journey.

Have you been exploring for an Indian Dietitian Online who acknowledges both local Indian and Western diets, and then you have landed to the right place.

Take a glimpse of the weight loss and weight gain success stories of our most esteemed clients, who have lost and gain tons of weight after consultation with the online dietician India. In our hectic lifestyle, we rarely give preference to our diet which commences sudden weight gain or weight loss respectively. SM Diets - Best Online Nutritionist in India is ideal for both men and women with a hectic lifestyle, but with a go-getter approach to lose or gain weight. Women who have gained weight during pregnancy can profoundly get help from our Indian dietitian online.

SM Diets - Best Online Nutritionist in India concentrate on making diet programs that are tailor-made keeping you, your eating habits, and your cooking skills in mind. Rest assured that by uniting us you will not only be one step closer to a new and healthy you but will also finish up inspiring the rest of the family to grow healthy!

So don't wait and contact us today and we’ll get back to you.

Pregnancy's Diets

Why SM Diets - diet plan for weight loss for female?

​Dt. Shikha Mishra - Famous Nutritionist in India  is a trusted and renowned dietitian in the dietitian industry. Dt. Shikha Mishra is very hardworking and her dedication & skills make the patient healthy. Dt. Shikha Mishra also gives them a healthy life. Noticeably, Dt. Shikha Mishra has long term experience and this experience makes her the Famous Nutritionist in India. Dt. Shikha Mishra is a well-known dietitian who treats weight loss patients. She is the best Weight Loss dietitian in India. If you are also finding the Top Online Nutritionist in Uttarakhand then meet Dt. Shikha Mishra. She gives online services across India.

Healthy Diets
Why SM Diets

Why Nutritionist Dt. Shikha Mishra Best Online Dietician in Uttarakhand  as well as India?


SM Diets : Online Weight Loss Diet Clinic under Indian Nutritionist Dt. Shikha Mishra Best Dietician in Uttarakhand.

Dt. Shikha Mishra - Famous Nutritionist in India excel at Online Weight Loss Diet Plans for Quick Weight Loss,  through our Fully Customized & Unique Diet plans. Our Diet Plans target for Quick weight Loss, Pre and Post Pregnancy, PCOS / PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol etc and other Therapeutic conditions. We excel online diet consultation for Indian Keto Weight Loss Diet Plans (Indian Non-Veg & Veg Versions),  Paleo Diet Plans, Gluten Free Diet Plans and Intermittent Fasting.

At SM Diets - Top Dietitian in India for Weight Loss, we get to the root cause of your weight problem by helping you tackle the reasons for your unhealthy eating behavior. SM Diets weight loss diet plans & management programs are personally supervised to help you lose weight quickly at a safe and sustainable rate. As you approach your goal weight, we’ll teach you how to maintain your healthy weight for life – so you can focus on living, not ‘dieting’.

Best Dietitian Uttarakhand
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Our Vision

Our Vision

A better future where all people in India can enjoy the healthy life-enhancing benefits of good nutrition, in health and disease. Connect with the best Dietitian in Panchkula for your healthy future.

Our Values

SM Diets know the challenging environment is associated with the travel at altitude, we work to develop the solutions to help consumers maintaining their peak performances.

Our Mission

The leading role of SM Diets - Famous Nutritionist in India members in improving the nation’s health through food and nutrition.

Our Philosophy

Dt. Shikha Mishra have a believe for helping people to use real foods to create realistic changes into your life by incorporating the good nutrition for the whole picture of health and wellness.

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Dt. Shikha Mishra best online nutritionist india

Why don't you love yourself?" "If you only loved yourself, this wouldn't have happened to you." "You can't love another person until you love yourself first."

Self-love is not simply a state of feeling good. It is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

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Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body's reaction to a challenge or demand. In short bursts, stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline.

Mental health is the biggest Wealth, If you’re suffering There is no shame in opening up to your family and friends and getting help.

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